Wednesday, October 16, 2013

All caught up

Of course now that we finally have a blog i have no idea where to begin. I will prepare you... David is an outstanding writer just like his mom. I am sure he WILL captivate you with his deep thoughts & his ability to communicate them in writing ~not to mention he is a spelling & editing master. I am not- so please prepare yourself. jk- (kind of)

David & I began in the cute little country town of Tahlequah, Oklahoma. 4 months after we met in college, he led me away blind folded, got down on one knee & asked me to marry him with his grandmother's breathtaking diamond ring. That was our beginning.

Our first son, Jackson was born a little over a year after we were married while we were living in in my mom & dad's house in South Bend IN.  What a crazy time for us. David was working on his Phd at Notre Dame, & later deciding that cognitive psychology was not the 'salted caramel mocha with extra whip' that he thought it was. So, he dropped out of the program. We had very little to our names but at the time it was no big deal because we were just happy as little clams. We lived with my mom & dad in the beginning. They were & always have been so gracious & giving in so many ways. We used to call their home the “Promised Land" because of all the delicious goodies my mom would cook up. I owe my love of experimenting in the kitchen & my love for art & design to her!  My dad was the one who brought the Notre Dame Spirit alive for our whole family. He went to ND too & played football on the 1966 Championship team. My brothers followed in his footsteps & now his grandchildren are in complete love with Notre Dame~ especially Notre Dame football.

When Jackson was 1 we packed up our blue Pier One papasans & headed to Sacramento, Ca. for his first big job offer.

We got homesick pretty quick & headed back to the midwest after only about a year. Our new home in Mi. was only 4 hours from South Bend & we were able to make it to the ‘Promised Land’ frequently. We enjoyed football (both of my brothers played at the time for the Fighting Irish) food & family. One of my brothers got married & it was so much fun being around everyone & getting to know my wonderful future sister-in-law.

Our next two boys Hunter & Mitchell were born during this time period.  Really the memories of this period are so amazing- all good except we did have a few scary life issues to face. A week after Hunter was born we found out he had a heart murmur that required crazy things I never thought i would have to see my child go through and later Mitchell was diagnosed with Duane's syndrome. Both of these situations were scary but we now have awesome testimonies to the goodness of God & how He works for the good of those that love him (Romans 8:28). Can't wait to share them sometime.  

When Mitchell was 3 months old dave accepted another great job offer & we packed up & headed to Louisville, KY. We both knew nothing about the area but soon fell in love with the town & the people. We were a part of a great church with a thriving community & it was a huge blessing to us. We still really miss all our louisville friends.

It was during this period that i decided to dust off my paint brushes & start submitting my art to greeting card companies. During a morning run I heard a still small whisper in my ever-seeking heart that it was time to pursue my love of art. After what seemed like a long trail of rejections (i am not a big fan of rejection, but who is??) i began getting work & feeling the amazing pleasure of working at something I love with all my heart. Among other creative opportunities,  I  went on to sign a contract with papyrus recycled greetings. My cards can be found wherever PRG cards are sold.

Five years later, always ready for the next adventure, Dave was offered another job he couldn’t pass up & we headed to central MA. Surprisingly, it has been the longest place we have lived, topping off at 7 years now. There have been so many great things about this time in our lives, but I have to say the highlight is when our little Chloe made an entrance into the world and YES- I did stick a giant bow on her head immediately!

Our kids went to Whitinsville Christian School in Whitinsville for 5 years & we all loved it with all our hearts! We've just recently moved locally 30 minutes away to Shrewsbury, closer to Dave's work. I plan on sharing some of our home improvement projects on our 1970's colonial soon (maybe during a break from sports??). I am having so much fun!

And so here we are... all caught up. 

Thanks for taking the time!


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