Friday, October 18, 2013

Dining Room Makeover

We did quite a few things before we moved into our new 1970's colonial. We cleaned, took down old curtains, painted & carpeted & added rods inside closets...

Hunter's handy work on one of his late work nights

...painted everywhere, added a garbage disposal ~i can't even imagine living without one of those in our home, i'd be in the loony bin~ or at least in the loony bin doing dishes. Dave & the boys did a huge project of making all new screens for the windows because half of them didn't have them. Dave also had to fix the little 'thingies' on the window that helps them stay up. He fixed ovens, added sconces

You can feel the energy as Dave does these lights 10 minutes before football
& maneuvered cords at midnight...  I have no idea how he knows how to do just about everything but he does.  There are lots of possible blog posts on the horizon from us under the DIY category I think.

With our 3 boys in football now we've taken a break from the home projects & are hoping to pick back up in the winter when basketball starts & things chillax a little bit. I think we're going to start with replacing all the door knobs upstairs. They're the old latch handles that are just plain weird & impossibly hard to function with. One day Mitch some how locked himself in his room & we seriously couldn't get him out. Finally, after about 20 minutes Hunter busted down the door with brute force.

Anyhow~ back to why I am writing today~ our Dining Room.


This was the previous owners set up
and after...

our set up & hunter managed to make it in the picture

another angle

Love these new lights!!

We had an electrician put in the light above the table. Dave was able to do the sconces himself & the paint above is Ben Moore Robins Nest.

Our dining room table I had growing up & the chairs are from World Market (don't think they sell them anymore).

More to come soon & happy friday,


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