Monday, June 29, 2015

Congratulations Jackson MacKenzie Gorgas

Our pug Barney has a strong opinion about Jackson going away to school

Jackson, you managed to grow up right before our eyes!!  Just yesterday you were a 2 week old little peanut headed into the Notre Dame stadium to watch your uncles play at your first football game.
You came into the world cheering for the Irish- it doesn't surprise me one bit you're headed back there!

Somethings never change... like your love for pasta (and pretzels)

& how great a big brother you are to Hunter & Mitchell & Chloe.

 your leadership skills :D

your playfulness

& your patient heart.

You're full of adventure, full of God's confidence, clear thinking, logical, analytical & have a ton of common sense!  All qualities that are going to serve you well as you head off to experience the world on your own. We have no doubt you will take the world by storm Jack- Attack!! We love you so much!