Friday, August 28, 2015

Where in the World Did Summer Go?

Where did August go??!!  I am not looking forward to the colder weather, which will be upon us soon and which always seems to come way too fast in New England.  But I think, as August quickly draws to a close and we look ahead to a change of seasons, that it's only fitting to take a few moments to look back and remember a truly amazing summer.

After our brutally cold and snow-packed winter, I have to give praise to the Lord who has truly blessed us with what is probably the best summer weather we've had in our 10 years living in Massachusetts! I truly believe you can never fully appreciate summer more completely than when you live somewhere like Massachusetts. The ever-present stark reality of another impending long winter on the horizon just has this way of building in you a near-desperate longing to enjoy every single last moment of the short but beautiful summers here.

It seems that each summer is just a little bit different, as the kids keep getting older and inevitably move into new directions and activities, but I love that our family is always the constant. And no matter what, the one common thread we always manage to weave through each summer is spending ample time together as a family outside under the summer sun.

This summer has been especially busy, but also especially great, filled with new and exciting changes, and lots of great family time together. Some of the highlights were:

Our new pool. We loved and enjoyed our pool in Whitinsville so much that we "took the plunge" this year to put in a pool in our new backyard.


Getting ready to dig


Digging under Barney's Watchful Eye

And Done!

New Flowers by the Pool

Fourth of July weekend at Seacrest in Cape Cod and one of our favorite family destinations, the Harbor View in Edgartown, Martha's Vineyard! So glad ChloĆ« got a chance to fully enjoy the experience this year now that she's a little older, just like the boys did for so many years when they were little!

Pizza, grilled to deliciousness on my new outdoor pizza oven that Colette bought me!

Around the house & town!

Grilling--Hunter style!! (Sorry Barney, none for you!)

Hunter & Mitch had a summer full of great football camps!

And we also managed to squeeze in one last trip to the Cape to ride the Shining Sea Bike Path, eat at Landfall, and hang out at the "rock beach" along the bike path! Jack had to work unfortunately this day!!

But of course the biggest event of the summer was Jackson heading off to college! We had a farewell sendoff graduation/birthday party for him at our house, then it was off to Holy Cross College in South Bend, IN!! We love you and miss you Jack!!

Orientation weekend for Holy Cross

Last dinner  at Amici's with Jackson before we leave for college (mitch was at football)
we took this picture by propping the cell phone on a ladder- not bad… and it was the first shot which never happen!! 
In the car headed to the airport!
Here we come Chicago!
got in late but still made the trip to target to get all Jackson's supplies… we were so tired!
OHH k. I am too old for this, says Jackson. He did play along a little though.

Great roommates!! 

Our hotel going home was right by the airport were you could see all the planes coming in.
Chicago pizza time!!
no more pictures!!

And finally, just this week ChloĆ« headed back to school at St. Bernadette's...she's had a great first couple days of first grade already and looking forward to an amazing year ahead!

Hunter and Mitch will be the last to head back to school next week, and soon after we'll begin settling into our fall family routine which has its own very special rhythms (not to mention tons of football- hallelujah!!)...and so as I think ahead with thankfulness and anticipation for the many new blessings God has in store for us, I find it just a little bit easier to close the chapter on summer.

With a grateful heart and with many fond memories, I thank God for all He has done in my life, which this special summer has reminded me of so beautifully and so often...I thank God for my beautiful wife, soul mate & best friend Colette, who is the most precious gift I will ever receive; for our 4 amazing and special children who light up our life continually and fill our days with joy; and for the love and grace of our Lord and Savior Jesus, who gave us all the ultimate gift.

God bless and thanks for reading!