After much time thinking and talking about it, Colette and I finally created a for-real blog. This is it - welcome to Verily Us!

We (i.e. "Us") are David and Colette Gorgas & kids.

At one of our favorite places on Cape Cod. 2015

And here are our amazing kids...

Jackson. I can't believe he is already a college student!
Hunter #89 playing receiver going in for a pass.
Mitchell #75 after a big nail biter win.

Chloƫ & Colette enjoying a football game.

So in a nutshell, our intent with this blog is pretty simple. This will be a gathering place for our thoughts and ideas and a place to share a bit of our day-to-day experiences and how we've been blessed or touched or moved, which maybe will just bless or touch or move some one else! This is a work in process so bear with us as we configure and tweak all the parts and pieces of Verily Us!